Graduated from Tianjin University with a bachelor’s degree in animation, and received a master’s degree in visual essay from the New York School of Visual Arts in the United States. He has instructed students’ postgraduate entrance examination portfolios and held more than ten solo exhibitions. I love hand-painting, and I believe that every brushstroke in hand-painted has a story, and the characters in the pen have life. Worked as an artist to co-publish picture books, graphic novels and other works, as well as draw posters for movies. In 2016, co-author Anne Opotowsky began to draw the long graphic novel “THE WALLED CITY TRILOAGE (book 3)”, which will be published in the United States at the end of 2020. At the end of 2019, the co-author Lu Yizhou drew the “Reed Flower and Fathead Bird Forest” series of long picture book comics. He has won more than ten painting-related awards at home and abroad, including the French Circle Foundation: The Year of the Artist-Top 100 Artist Awards.

Selected works

Reed flower and stout bird forest