Zeng Qingyuan, pen name: Beiqiaoze, graduated from the Department of Chinese Painting of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, now lives in Xiamen, Fujian, and is now an illustrator and cartoonist. His illustration works have been published in major magazines in China. The content of his works is mostly fantasy, with a delicate style and subdued colors.
In his opinion, “illustration focuses on the idea and picture, the expression is very free, the composition needs to be carefully thought about the color can be very personal; while the comics should be good in addition to the picture, more important is the story content to move the audience. The most important thing in the story is the embodiment of human nature, and it can be said that comics are a microcosm of the whole life. When I draw, I basically dig things out from my mind. After I find a good inspiration before drawing, I basically draw directly. The most important thing I want to accomplish now is to present the images in my mind one by one, including my perspective of the world and my view of everything in the world, so I especially want to do this with the art form of comics.”

Selected works