LAX is the pen name of French cartoonist Christian Lacroix. Born in Lyon, France in 1949, and completed his studies at the Saint-Etienne Academy of Fine Arts near Lyon. He is a cartoonist and playwright who is well-known in France and even Europe.
His first collection of paintings was published by Greina Publishing House in 1982. His first self-edited and self-painted collection of paintings is titled “The Pain is Hard to Word”, which was published by Xifeng Publishing House in 1987. The protagonist of the episode is the author’s own brother, Yves who was born with a disability. This is the first time a protagonist in a wheelchair appears in a comic strip.
LAX’s first collection of paintings published by Dolby Publishing in 1990 was “Annan’s Forgotten”, which he collaborated with screenwriter Fu Jihoo. This collection of paintings belongs to the autobiographical comic series. Later, for this series, he collaborated with screenwriters such as Jihu and Baih Dua to draw more than a dozen paintings, including many original works, such as the wonderful “Is an episode in a trilogy series involving the world of cycling.
In 2001, he launched his own “Yellow-billed Titmouse” series: This is a contemporary absurd police detective series (eight episodes have been published by Dolby Press), telling the story of a small person in his fifties who was unemployed. The story of finding a part-time job and accidentally becoming a private detective…
In 2009 and 2010, the successor to the bicycle trilogy series was “Skylark Bread” (two episodes have been published by Yuantu Luoboli Publishing House), and the finale of the trilogy series launched by the same publishing house in 2012 The work “Verdi’s Squirrel”.
In 2014, it is expected that the modern version of “Don Quixote in the American West” will be released in the form of a black-and-white comic book by Yuantu Roboli Press.

Selected works