Born in 1970, German cartoonist and illustrator. In 2003, French publishing house l’An 2 published the first comic book “Leviathan” for it. This 150-page comic is full of quotations from Hobbes’s work and Melwell’s Moby Dick, and with Harder’s fine and realistic pictures, it is like a profound and rigorous social fable. Harder’s first work was unexpectedly mature, showing his ambition and control, as well as deep thinking about the content of the comics. Since 2004, Harder began to create his amazingly ambitious work “All Things: Creation”. This is the first in a trilogy. It tells the history from the Big Bang to the extinction of dinosaurs in the form of an image encyclopedia. The highlight of the trilogy will be the birth and history of mankind. Harder drew our knowledge of the world and ourselves in his unique way, made pioneering attempts on the themes that comics can carry, and achieved remarkable results. “All Things: Creation” was published in China this year.

Selected works