Born in a family of officials in Kunming in June 1955. He showed his love for painting since he was a child. Affected by the propaganda posters of that year, he used the brush as a tool, and the propaganda posters and posters of the great helmsman were his earliest works. When he was young, he joined the army and used brushes as a weapon. In 1980, Li Kunwu returned to Kunming and entered the Yunnan Daily. After creating the earliest “Eighteen Monsters of Yunnan”, he became a well-known cartoonist in China.
More than 30 of his comic strips have been published by influential magazines in China, such as “Comic Pictorial” and “Master of Humor”. In Wuhan, he met Philippe Autier, the head of French Ubifrance who had a ten-minute love for China and comics. In 2005, he began to create “A Chinese Man’s Life” (three volumes), this book and later “Spring Show”. , “Railway in the Clouds” was published in France.

Selected works

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