Li Zhiwu, born in Yan’an, northern Shaanxi in 1962, is a famous comic strip. He joined the China Life Insurance System in 1981 and has been working since.
Li Zhiwu insisted on creating comic strips outside of work, and painted two comic strips for Mao Dun’s Literature Award, “The Ordinary World” and “White Deer Plain”. The “White Deer Plain” comic strip was created by Li Zhiwu based on the Mao Dun Literature Award-winning work, and the famous writer Chen Zhongshi’s novel of the same name. There are more than 730 pictures in total. It was selected for the 10th National Art Exhibition. This time, the French version of “White Deer Plain” was introduced by the French publishing house. After its debut at the Angoulên International Comics Festival, it will also be exhibited in Paris, Bordeaux and other cities. “The Ordinary World” won the Bronze Award of the Ninth National Art Exhibition, and the famous writer Lu Yao spoke highly of the work before his death. He was praised by the media as “the last standard bearer of traditional Chinese comics”.

Selected works

Ordinary world