Born in Zhengzhou in 1983, Luo Yin is a cartoonist who is particularly good at animation. She graduated from the Animation School of Beijing Film Academy and worked as an independent animation producer in Beijing for 4 years. When she was a student, she produced a short film “Rabbit’s Tail” (2015), which tells the story of a little girl helping a rabbit find its tail. This animated short film was a big success and won many awards at home and abroad. The image of the rabbit later appeared in her four-volume comic book “Hidden City”, which was published in France by Dago Press in collaboration with French comic screenwriter Richard Marazzano, and in China by China Published by Zhi Gong Publishing House.
In addition, Luo Yin also created a series of children’s picture books “Songsong Rabbit Warmth Fairy Tales”. Currently, there is a comic book “Night Watch Guardian” serialized on the Bilibili comics platform.

Selected works

Butterfly’ s Dream