His real name is Jean Giro, a master of French comics. Born in France on May 8, 1938. Mobis has been a genius in painting since he was a child. At the age of 16, he entered the vocational art application school in Paris.
He published his first comic book when he was a student. After 1960, Mobius served as an assistant next to the famous Belgian cartoonist Joseph Gillan, and undertook some illustrator work in French publishing houses.
In 1963, he met the Belgian playwright Jean Michel Charlie, and together they created the character “Captain Blueberry” in the western comics that made them famous. The work was originally serialized on “The Helmsman”.
In the 1960s when he created “Captain Blueberry”, “Jean Giro” created a new pen name for himself-Moebius, mainly used to publish black humor works, and used this pen name to create a series of French science fiction and magazines Illustrator, the name “Mobis” gradually accumulates a reputation.
In 1974, Moebius and Philip Druyer jointly founded the “Metal Howl” comic magazine, where his unparalleled talent was brewing and fermenting, and he created a series of breakthroughs in style and story. Science fiction and fantasy works, such as the book “Azark” and “Closed Garage”, these comic works that are amazing to read up to now have a huge influence on the latecomers.
Mobis’s fantasy world and the visual imagination beyond his contemporaries have brought him various jobs outside of the comics industry, such as movies. Mobis has participated in movies such as “Alien” and “Electronic World Contest.” , “The Abyss”, “The Fifth Element”, etc., and wrote the script for the cartoon “Little Nemo” and drew the concept map.
On March 10, 2012, Mobis bid farewell to cancer, which he had fought for many years, and passed away. He left us with huge classic works, and provided us with many other possibilities for our thinking and the way of thinking about the world.

Selected works