Nie Jun, from Qingdao, graduated from China Academy of Art, visiting researcher at the Department of Storytelling and Comics, Kyoto Seika University, and visiting professor of comics at the Animation School of Beijing Film Academy.
Books published:
“Diu Diu” in 2001,
“Don’t want to grow up” in 2002,
“Magic Mountain” in 2006,
2006 “My Street”, “Diu Diu”,
“Looking for the Sea” and “Looking for Bresson” in 2006,
“Future Sugar” in 2008,
2009 “ZOBO”,
“Fish” in 2015,
In 2001, Agfa Headquarters in Belgium awarded: Platinum Award of Agfa World Youth Graphic Design Competition;
In 2002, “My Street” won the Best Feature Comic Award by the Comics Branch of the Oriental Culture Research Association;
In 2003, “Train” won the “manga open” award from Kodansha Good Morning Magazine:
2007 “Looking for the Sea” Jiangsu and Zhejiang Book Design Award;
In 2008, “Fish” won the “Golden Dragon Award” for the best adult comics.

Selected works

My Beijing