Pieter De Poortere was born on September 17, 1976, a Belgian cartoonist, born in Ghent, Belgium. The masterpiece “Strange Uncle Dickey”. His works have been published in Belgian Dutch and French magazines. Since the publication of the first volume of “Strange Uncle Dickey” in 2001, it has attracted much media attention. In the summer of 2004, the work of “Strange Uncle Dickey” was published in the French “Le Monde”.
In 2009, he and 20 Belgian Dutch-language comic authors participated in a comic exhibition entitled “This is not a Dutch comic” at the French Angolan comic exhibition, organized by the Belgian Dutch Language and Literature Foundation.
In 2010, Pieter De Poortere’s satirical comic book “Uncle Dicky” published in France won the St. Michel Award for the best Dutch comic in Brussels, Belgium.
In 2011, he was the first to invite him to create a mural with the theme of the culture of the Dutch-speaking area of Belgium in Paris’s Jade Street.
In 2014, Pieter De Poortere’s work became a permanent exhibit at the Brussels Comic Museum in Belgium.
In 2015, the Comics Festival held in Saint-Malo exhibited a comic exhibition with the theme of the comic character Uncle Dicky created by Pete Dept.

Selected works