Qian Yu, cartoonist, professional illustrator, Zhejiang girl. He likes to draw since childhood, and spends his spare time at work to engage in hobby creation. In 2006, he began to work full-time in illustration and comics.
In 2007, he created a single full-color comic “Auspicious Pattern Lotus House” and published the French version in French. He has created covers and comic illustrations for many fantasy literary works and domestic magazines. Qian Yu’s works include fantasy, martial arts, classical and other creative styles, beautiful and delicate style, rich and natural colors, and distinct layers. Among them are the comic book “Phoenix Seeking Tea”, and the representative works of illustrations include “Return to the Ming Dynasty to Be the Lord”, “Dream of Red Mansions”, “The Legend of the Harem”, “Assassin”, “Hua Xu Yin”, “Legend of the Seven Realms” , Sansheng Sanshi series, etc.

Selected works

Lian Hua Lou