Romain graduated from the Estena College in France. He used to draw reference tool books for the aviation industry, most of which were drawn for the Air Force. Roman became a pilot at the age of 17 and owns his own aircraft.
In the process of drawing comic books, Roman pays great attention to historical elegance and to show the authenticity of airplanes and flights. From his works, readers can truly appreciate his great enthusiasm for history and aviation technology. Because of his knowledge of airplanes, flights and drawings, currently, as the editor-in-chief of the publishing house’s flight series, Roman is not only responsible for his own comics, but also the review and development of the entire flight series.
Roman’s flying series “Crossing the Sky” has won many awards such as the best comic book award, the best painting and color awards. The series of works “Silver Winged Night Owl” is the most mature work drawn by Roman after the precipitation of previous works, and it is based on the plot of the war in the Second World War.

Selected works

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