Stefano Casini was born in Italy in 1960 and is an accomplished comic writer. So far, he has published 26 sci-fi works titled Nathan Never in cooperation with Sergio Bonelli Publishing House. Like many Italian writers, he hopes to publish heavyweight works with a more personal style in the French market. Stefano Cassini is a playwright and comic writer. In 1999, the American Press published his book “Demon interieur” (Demon interieur). Subsequently, Semitic Publishing House published the first volume of his work Caleb in 2001. In 2004, he made a comeback with “Moolights blues” published by Mosquito Press. In 2005, the first volume of his work “Until Victory” (Hasta la victoria) was published.
In 2016, Stefano was invited by the Beijing Municipal Government to visit Beijing and participated in the “Foreign Cartoonist Drawing Beijing” activity.

Selected works