Born in rural Sichuan in 1981. Since I was young, I seem to like to scribble, but I have never thought of painting for a living. Until I was more than ten years old, I failed to draw handsome guys on the homework textbook three times in a physics class. I was caught by my teacher. Then, on the advice of this teacher who changed my life, I got a student who was admitted to the art academy. idea.
The rest of life was calm. He graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts with a major in printmaking in 2003, and has since worked in a newspaper office. But the heart of tossing is not dead, and for many years, I will feel boring in life from time to time. Fortunately, the delusion of making a living from painting has never been extinguished, and there is always some hope to support myself in the day-to-day work.
Nowadays, under the great pressure of my family, I still choose my life. Entered this field with trepidation. Looking back on the past, I only sigh that I was always complaining and didn’t grit my teeth and draw more, so that there are very few works that can be regarded as my own. It is useless to continue to regret. I only hope that I can pick up my mood and walk down slowly but firmly one step at a time. The future me is looking at my present self.
In 2010, he cooperated with Beijing Tianshi Panorama Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., and is currently drawing cartoon works for two French publishing houses.

Selected works

Shi Xiu