Li Xiti, pen name: Yao Ren, was born in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China, but he is actually from Qixia, Shandong Province, and currently lives in Beijing.
I like to draw some of my life experiences into stories and post them on the Internet. I have persisted for nearly ten years and have received support and encouragement from many friends. Published a lot of graffiti collections in China.
I have always pursued to draw only what I have experienced, and I prefer to arrange the content of the book according to the date like a diary. Therefore, the content of the drawing is inevitably not sci-fi or magical. It is just a truthful record of my life, like sitting down and chatting with a person. The feeling of some trivial matters in life,
The image in the book is not my own image. This image originated from the image I used in a certain game, which was later known to readers and friends, and it has been used until now.

Selected works

Little contemplation