Zena Abilahed was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1981. After studying at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, he came to Paris in 2004 and studied at the National Higher School of Decorative Arts. Now living in Paris, her main job is to draw cartoons and do illustration design. Her graphic novel “The Swallow’s Game” was a huge success in France and was selected for the Angouleme International Comics Award, and was translated into twelve languages and published worldwide. Zena later collaborated with the poet Jacques Zhuai and published a series of comics “I Remember”. I independently created “Youssef Semaani Road 38” and “Beirut Emotional Purification”, all of which were published by French publishing houses. In 2015, after the publication of “Oriental Piano” by Zena Abilahed in France, it was also published in China. In 2018, he collaborated with the famous writer Matthias Einar on the graphic novel “Refuge”. Zena only uses black and white to create, the contrast is strong, reminiscent of her inner memory.

Selected works

A Game for Swallows